Material Price List

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Screened Topsoil: $35.00*

Triple Mix Soil: $40.00*



Composted Pine Mulch (CPM): $65.00*

Red Cedar Mulch: $65.00*

Cedar Mulch: $65.00*


Stone and Sand

Riverwash Stone (Pea Stone): $80.00*

2cm - 7cm Riverwash Stone (Roof Ballast): $80.00*

9cm - 15cm Riverwash Stone (Pond Stone): $80.00*


Granular "A" (G/A): $35.00*

Stonedust: $35.00*

Clear Drainage Stone: $40.00*

Washed Sand: $30.00*

Armour Stone Boulders: $100.00 each

Decorative Landscaping Boulders: $50.00 and up


Machine Rental (with operator): Please call for pricing


Material Carting: Please call for pricing



*Pricing is per yard (27 cubic ft.)

Prices do not include tax and delivery. Delivery is $60.00 for Ottawa Central and East, $80.00 for Barrhaven and Kanata.